Saturday, April 02, 2011

Auto completing ant target names in MacOSX Terminal

As they say, better late than never. I have to admit that for years now I have been typing in the terminal long ant task/target names,when I just wanted to execute or built something.

At some point when I had to deal with long names such as 'jbpm.deploy.proc.dbclean' etc I ended up creating aliases (a nice feature of unix terminal/bash).

A couple of weeks ago, I just had a chit chat with a good colleague of mine (Ioannis), running Linux (Ubuntu). He was like 'do you still type ant task names on the terminal - i just auto-complete them dude' .

I thought, 'OK, this is handy and I should have done it before' - after some googling I found the solution, here. It requires a MacPorts installation and a simple .bashrc editing. It works fine!

Better late..than never...I guess


  1. Ha I was dealing with auto-completion just yesterday.

    On a Linux system, check the /etc/bash_completion.d directory. Copy the contents of any script in there into your Mac's .bashrc to gain auto-completion support for just about anything. For example, I did this with /etc/bash_completion.d/ssh so that I can autocomplete hostnames from .ssh/known_hosts:

    ssh 192[TAB] =====> ssh