Friday, October 22, 2010

Just another frustrated Java Developer on the mac!

In the last 5 years things have been very simple for me when it comes combining my several user profiles in one operating system and hardware platform. The simplicity and the 'it just works feeling' for the home - power user and the convenient feeling that on top of that I can do my day job, coding and making my living working with Java2 were combined in my Macintosh and MacOSX.

I  love being a mac user (honestly) as much as I love and  invested in Java2. I could say these are my two  main geek and developer passions. I can not be hard towards the mac - because for 5 years now it is the platform that has not caused me serious trouble, has created a new sparkle for being enthusiastic again with an OS (after 15+ years - confusion with MS Windows and early Linux distros) and it just works, it's beautiful and robust.I have numerous posts in this blog about my mac passion.

This last  strategic move from Apple though,  to evict Java from it's platform (by stoping maintaining and releasing new versions of the Java2 Virtual Machine) it creates a great confusion to me and I find it very disappointing. 

For the time being I can still work, the new version of Java (Java 7) is months away from it's initial version and distribution. I don't expect Apple to change it's strategy and revert it's decision - I only hope that the new and joint effort from Oracle and IBM  through the - reviving of  OpenJDK and of course the community (which I can personally contribute - as well - maybe it's time) - will respect the fact that a large portion of the existing Java Developer community works on the mac.
I am bit surprised how things rapidly change in the technology world. I would never imagine to wait and thank tech gorilla's like Oracle and IBM on providing some very important tools for my day job. Things change. I really hope to continue enjoying the nice things from both worlds which i really love - MacOSX and Java 2.

Just another frustrated java developer.


  1. "Apple has been turned to an iPhone company" Gosling, Java1 2008. Need I say more?

  2. Probably this is the best choice,
    when you are a developer you need flexibility regarding the jdk version and it's not valid all the times to use the suggested jdk from the operating system.
    So the updates to JDK should come from Sun/Oracle and only on demand. Like in all other operating systems

  3. @Psyxovgalths

    I agree , the problem is that for now we dont have an official statement that Oracle will pick up this specific release - implementation. if yes ....then no problem at all!

  4. @Psyxovgalths Apple *does not* allow Oracle to implement the JDK on Mac.

  5. @Both
    In case Oracle leaves out of it's distributions one of the most successful operating systems around java will become a dead language soon for client side apps at least (including java applets) since no one will use in the web something that is operating system dependent leaving out mac os that has a fair share in the market.
    As for apple will do everything to cooperate with oracle at last as we seen what happened with flash and ipnone.

  6. Unfortunately, since Oracle took over things aren't going very well for Java... Of course, this may or may not be related. I think that Apple was becoming less and less fond of java, and that the oracle thing didn't help much. Gosling has a comment on that:

  7. Έτσι! Τελικά τον συμπαθώ Steve Jobs όλο και περισσότερο. Μπορεί να μη με συμφέρουν κάποιες από τις κινήσεις που κάνει, μιας και έχω Mac και βγάζω το μισθό μου γράφοντας Java (και Flash ActioScript), όμως παραδέχομαι οτι παίζει δυνατή μπάλα για την Apple. Αν δεν καθαρίσεις τα αγριόχορτα στον τον κήπο σου, θα θεριέψουν και θα πνίξουν τα φυτά σου.. και ο Steve έχει μάθει κάλα τι σημαίνει αυτό.

  8. Every apple man knows who Steve Jobs is...i think everyone agrees with that! and i agree with what "koumparos" posted..but i think that this move will bring apple face to face with a wide audience...I am curious to see if such a move will show better results. Until now every Job's move despite the people's disagreements had good results

  9. Apple started to provide its own version of Jaca because it depserately wanted to bring more developers. Now it has realised that users dont care about java for desktop application, there are other programming languages much better suited like python , ruby etc. And also have made huge amount of money with their App Store .

    Apple also dont like cross platform because it wants to lock people to its platform. But what company does ? Cross platform in 9 out of 10 cases is motivated purely by open source. Is that a secret ?

    If sun really cared about java in macos , it would not have allowed Apple to implemented it in the first and Sun would have provided its own macos version. The truth is that it did not want to bother with implementing the look and feel of macos and so it left it to apple to do so. Now apple say not that it does not want java in macos as they have said it clearly for flash , but that it does not want to keep developing the port.

    But in any case this should have been sun/oracle's responsibility in the first place. I use python and I see how motivated is the community to provide mac version for python, actually there are several version mac version of python , meaning distributions not updates.

    Python developers could have relaxed on the fact that Apple also provides its own python install with the MACOS as it did with Java they even actively develop (Apple) pyobjc that allow python to communicate diectly with objective c libraries and thus the whole OS. Python has alot less resources and money compared to huge companies like Apple, Oracle and Sun.

    And it is not only python, ruby as well and several other languages that come preinstalled in MACOS, develop their own mac version eventhough Apple provides its own version of those langauges.

    So there is no excuse for Sun or Oracle, if they want to Grab Apple attention then they should release a version of Java that will make Apple embarassed that they decided to abandon Java.

    But something deep inside me , says that Oracle does not give a damn. I see java on desktop sharing the same fate as Borland C/C++ and Delphi. It will not slowly die, it will probably shrink alot but never trully vanish.