Friday, November 13, 2009

I support Netbeans....

There is quit a buzz lately especially after the Oracle FAQ about the 'grey' future of Netbeans. Lots of Netbeans users have been writing about it and now I can see some Jdeveloper users (most of them Oracle employees :P ) trying to support their tool.

Well listen for a developer his IDE of choice is a very important thing - really it is. He can argue for ever about it, it is his everyday tool, the tool for the job!

Eventually on this unofficial fight I will support Netbeans. Jdeveloper is the least usable Java IDE I have ever used - and at that moment I was 'forced' to do it! Netbeans is the only user friendly java IDE for new java programmers (something the Eclipse is years behind) and has managed to be as powerful and flexible as Eclipse for power users.

I would hate to see it ...die. So please give it to the community if you dont plan to support or evolve it!

Go go Netbeans!!

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