Thursday, March 26, 2009

SVN 1.6, MacOSX and Eclipse Ganymedes

So, I have to use Eclipse Ganymedes 3.4 for some time @ work, I don't know how long I will last (the previous time it took me 1 week to switch back to Netbeans). Anyway, the reason is I have to work with some eclipse plugins -> JBoss tools!

Anyway one of things that really annoys me in Eclipse is the SVN support. My colleagues use Subclipse, so I thought to give it a try. The proposed version was quite old 1.2 and really whenever I tried to use it, most of the time it failed me. I thought let's give it a try and move to the latest version

Step 1: Download SVN 1.6 client for MacOSX: Here
Its Universal, no worries just double click and its done

Step 2: Update your system Path in order the system to see the update SVN binary.
Ok I did something extreme.Open the 'Terminal'

2.1 cd /usr/bin
2.2 sudo rm ./svn
2.3 sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/svn ./svn

Done. Actually I just deleted the binary of the default 1.4.4 version and created a sym link to the newly installed 1.6 version. I guess there are other ways, by editing .profile or .rc whatever.

Step 3. Check my new SVN @ the Terminal
type: svn --version Got something like
svn, version 1.6.0 (r36650) compiled Mar 20 2009, 10:52:05
Nice, done!

Step 4. Open Eclipse 3.4 and press from the Menu Help -> Software Updates

Step 5. Press on tab Available Software, and on then 'Add Site'

Step 6.Enter

Step 7.Press Ok, let it add the Update site.

Step 8. Expand the entry and select Under the subclise entry the following as shown below. Subclipse, Subversion Client Adapter, Subversion JavaHL,Suberversion Revision Graph

Step 9. Press Install. Let it restart.

Step 10. When it is restarted on the right side, Open the 'SVN Repository Perspective', and Add an SVN repository to browse and download code. Here is me browsing through as anonymous in jboss code repositories ( full list here.

I hope it works better than the previous version!!!!


  1. Nice!
    I need to install it too...

    I suppose you'll also post your impression! :)

  2. @110j
    Καλησπέρα μ'ακους!

    For now it works far better (Subclipse 1.6) comparing 1.2. So I am satisified for now!

  3. Μιας και εγώ "παίζω" με τα jboss tools αυτήν την περίοδο, να και μία custom-made splash-screen(by me) να αντικαταστήσεις την default του eclipse.

    (E βαριόμουνα ένα βράδι!)

  4. I don't know russian so I don't know if the previous post are about this. But, the removing of the /usr/bin/svn is useless... the modification of the PATH is more usefull.

  5. hi, no its greek, yes you are right there are more elegant ways of updating the PATH! :)

  6. kalispera m'akous!
    (this is not russian too, it's grenglish :)

    finally I found some time to install it and ...

    it worked flawlessly :)