Thursday, November 20, 2008

A very annoying thing using Netbeans - please FIX it!

It is annoying I am trying to find a global solution for more than a year! I work on projects that somehow manage to be JDK 1.5 dependent - libs some other Ant libs whatever. At the same time I want to boot my favorite IDE using the latest JavaVM so that I can get better performance!

So now I have Java 1.6 on the system and a project that needs to be compiled on 1.5

The thing is that when i try to build or invoke Ant from the IDE, it is lunched with Java 1.6 - it inherits the default JVM (as altered) from /etc/conf file. Setting a different platfrom etc does not work - when Ant is invoked it reports using Java 1.6 .

According to this and this - i still believe that there is no workaround!

Damn it!


  1. [sarcasm]
    While netbeans is still trying, come on over to Eclipse! :D

  2. trust the eclipse! it's coming! :) (heroes edition)

  3. well you can still try the non-free intellij :)