Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am still eclipsed..

I have to admit that I am a fanatic user of Netbeans! Happy user I would say, even though I would really be grateful if they included official MacOSX version and remove this disclaimer - MacOSX version is not officially supported (Roman can you hear me?). Anyway.

Latetly I have been playing with jBPM, so I wanted to see in action JBoss Tools which is a set of plugins on top of eclipse!So I downloaded eclipse europa for j2ee developers +JBoss tools. I tried to start-up Eclipse..Noope! Again..Nooope! I did some googling..and I came up with articles like this.

Let's be honest most probably it's not only Eclipse's fault, Java Support on the Mac is declining - where is Java 6 (Duuude), at the same time....the damn thing wont start!

Ooh well,its a pitty ...I just wanted to test jBPM tools. I need to find other workarounds! I am there any plans for jBPM plugins on netbeans?


  1. Να μάθεις να είσαι άπιστος, γι'αυτό δε σου φορτώνει... :p Κόλλημα με τα φασόλια που έχεις όμως αδερφάκι μου (θorry για την οικεότητα), ούτε μήλα να ήτανε!

  2. pixie..netbeans και τα μυαλά στο mixer!

  3. Sto neabeans genika loipoun polla prammata, px upostiriksi gia websphere.

    Exei dromo akoma.

    By the way, ston diko mou G4 mia xara paizei to eclipse...

  4. Hi Paris, which disclaimer are you talking about? MacOSX is one 4 main platforms we test NetBeans on. Roman Strobl