Friday, March 07, 2008

Alt +Ctrl+ Del using Synergy KM on Windows / MacOSX - MacbookPro

I am using Synergy in order to share my MBP's keyboard and mouse -on my corporate Windows XP Machine! There was this little problem when I had to restart the XP box! Because it requires authentication on a domain I always have to enter my credentials username /password! The Synergy client works ok, during startup and I can switch from MacOSX screen to Windows. Till now I had a problem finding the right combo on my MacBookPro keyboard to have Alt +Ctrl + Del on the windows machine!Eventually after several tests and some posts with proposed solutions I ended up on the following one!

And it works! Just note that there is a chance this combo to alter your language setting so, make sure to revert back to english lets say if in any case you have switched to your second language - that depends on the language combo you are using anyway!

It's almost a month using Synergy full time, really it saves my time..excellent piece of software!

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