Thursday, December 13, 2007 next Gen....changes the way developers are educated!!!

I am blogging live from Metropolis Plex Javapolis Conference Day two! In today's version of Javapolis Press, Tom Bayens in his editorial wrote 'Be there on Stephan's keynote regarding Parleys Version 2.o - this application will change the way developers are educated'.

Very very true. I have been one of those lucky guys that had the chance to review the new implementation of Parleys using Java in the Server Side, and Flex + AIR in the client side. A perfect combination I have to tell. So what is parleys, its Stephan Jansen's vision of a site where conference people, JUG's and individual can publish their tech talks, along with their notes + a collaboration site where developers can vote and comment on these talks. Javapolis Jazoon, JavaZone great conferences distribute their talks through this great app.

If you are still haven't seen Parleys..Comeeee on! Go there and play with the previous existing version - it is still very cool, it is still very cool,it is COMPLETELY FREE! So much content for all of us.Actually I believe parleys is becoming now days for me, as vital as!

So, all of us had the chance to see another preview of Parleys version 2, which is going a few months. Stephan, gave a nice intro talk - a developer's talk I would say - he explained his vision, his problems regarding building RIA nowdays, the potential solutions and technologies. Anyway I am going to have a separate post regarding this Flex Saga on Javapolis 2007, and this upcoming JavaFX battle and all my thoughts - for now I will comment that Stephan made the most pragmatic choice! He had solid server side functionality but he wanted a sexier - easier to maintain - more integrated to the desktop - client app. He wanted a browser based solution and a standalone client solution.

I am not a Flex developer - actually I used to hate Flash all along - but I have to give credits to them, the thing I saw a couple of minutes ago - seems to be flexible enough for that kind of apps (RIA).

Anyway apart from the technology point of view - i want to point out how the internet is changing the way we are educated as developers and architects. Talks from conferences, JUG event,s all available with one click on your desktop. I am really happy that such a community based site, with a vision of distributing knowledge all over the globe - started from a JUG leader.. a european JUG leader, I am very proud of it...that I belong to the same 'family'. I am very proud as well that some of the best Java Conferences all over the world - are initiatives of Java User Groups, BeJUG, JavaBin,NLJUG!!!!

Wait a bit until version 2 is available and I hope I can make Stephan visit Athens and present his vision to the greek audience!

Ooh by the way,,even though Javapolis talks will be Parleys after a few months - this does not mean that we dont need conferences anymore! I am booking the hote and tickets from NOW..for Javapolis 2008...the saga continues!!!

May the source be with we Javapolians say..these days!!!! Ok time for me to have a coffee!

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  1. Hey I posted some screencasts of the Parleys AIR client and online version here:
    Thanks for the nice review