Sunday, October 29, 2017

one slack to rule them all

It seems that over the years the services and applications I tend to use, for chatting and keeping in touch with friends and family change. Just some minutes ago, I  removed from my MacOSX Dock my beloved 'Adium' which served me well for far too many years, being my main IM app for many services like MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo. Of course it is not about Adium, Adium is just the medium but is all about the services.

In the past few years, I can see that my somewhat vibrant contanct list on MSN and Gtalk has faded out, most of my friends (or even me) are not using them a lot and we have moved to either Facebook or Slack. 

The latter seems to be the killer for all the above for me. For regular chat with close friends, we have been creating private channels. I have to admit this non -corp use of slack is kind of handy. I still hate facebook chat, but since almost everybody is in there, you end up using their service.

I kind of miss the gtalk and msn days...though.

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