Monday, October 24, 2016

Voxxeddays Thesaloniki - a quick note #vdthes

Last Thursday & Friday, I did a short trip to Greece in order to attend the very first Voxxed Days in Greece, it took place in Thessaloniki

First of all, I would like to congratulate, the master mind behind the overall organization +Patroklos Papapetrou , who eventually succeeded and materialized a long lasting dream (for many of us), to establish in our small country, a  conference and activities that would bridge the gap between our small IT market with the rest of world or even the bigger European Markets and developer communities.

The 'Voxxed' family of conferences, is the ideal way for putting our country back in the map of IT conferences, and a great start to warm up again the local developer community.

So overall for me, the most important thing, is not if this particular first attempt was successful  (which was). The real important thing is (Athens or Thessaloniki) Voxxed Days,  to continue to exist next year and the year after, so that the local community can grow on them and vice versa! So we all need to support this initiative. The price was more than fair and I want to make a call to all the developers (and their companies) in Athens, in a few months time, to support the Athens Voxxed days.

So I am really excited we are going to have an Athens Voxxed Days, which I'm planning to attend and already thinking maybe submitting a talk as well.

During the conference I had the chance to talk with lots of  'blog' friends. Developers and subscribers of my blog. Thank you guys, I promise to keep the blog live and maybe make a new attempt on the podcast.

I was very happy to meet some old friends and talk about the latest state of the Greek IT market, like Spyros Anastasopoulos (one of the founding members of JHUG). You can read his thoughts and review about the conference here. I wish we had more IT professionals like Spyros, both technically but in terms of professional ethics. 

Eventually my trip was...very short, so I could not enjoy the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, maybe next time!

See you all in Voxxed Days Athens!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Set default file associations on MacOSX with duti..and save some time

Wow, how many lost minutes or  hours, every day, because I did not know this a long time ago. I am bit ashamed.

How many times, while working on your mac you get to Open a File, and the system by default opens an editor or an application that is usually set by default. I can not count how many times I have killed Xcode when trying to open a shell script, a csv file a java source file or whatever. When I was fully irritated, I was right clicking the file, and I was manually changing the 'Open With' option. This is the end!

Step 1:  Install duti from brew  (give the guy a Star in github plz) : 

brew install duti

Step 2:  Check the current default application for a specific file extension, e.g '.java' files :

duti -x java

It will prompt something like the following, indicating that Xcode is the default editor.
/Applications/ ---> this is the bundle ID

Step 3:  Find the 'bundle ID' of the application you want to be default editor. 

I want to open by default with IntelliJ, so I need to find the bundle ID. Thanks to this excellent post, I found out about osascript (its bundled in MacOS)

osascript -e 'id of app "IntelliJ IDEA"'

It will output the following :


Step 4:  Use duti to update the .java file association to IntelliJ.

duti -s com.jetbrains.intellij .java all


Do you want to do more? For example usually I want Sublime to open many files.

Get the Bundle ID

osascript -e 'id of app "Sublime Text 2"'

And set some 'known file types'

duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .sh  all
duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .md  all
duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .txt  all
duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .json  all
duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .xml  all
duti -s com.sublimetext.2 .adoc  all