Friday, November 06, 2015

So you want to do microservices? please watch 'Microservices for Mortals' by @BertErtman.

So many valid points from Bert Ertman in this presentation around Microservices. Are you considering following this path in your project, in your team or your company? Please grab a coffee, a note pad (if you like hand written notes) and watch this. It is really a pain, waste of energy and very discouraging to see many companies and teams, failing miserably either because they do not educate themselves on what really means 'doing microservices' or by just thinking that using a specific tool suddenly you moved into this new era. As I have elaborated in the recent past and is also a comment in the presentation - by using Docker, Kubernetes, Neftlix libs etc you are not doing microservices.  It is a far more complex process, that needs organizational and team changes. It requires certain level of understanding from the management and architectural point of view. You need to invest money and time and of course there will be some risk involved as well!

Enjoy this really great presentation!

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