Saturday, June 28, 2014

The JBoss/RedHat stack... a dream for many javaee developers :( #redhat #jboss #wildfly #arquillian

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I strongly believe that the JavaEE spec and the JavaEE stack is going through an excellent phase. It is the summer of JavaEE as a fellow friend suggests. So in summer you always feel e bit more enthusiastic and happy etc. I have been experimenting a lot lately with JavaEE7 (and 6) technologies, especially with all the goodies that come from the RedHat /JBoss stack. Application server, Hibernate 4, Infinispan, Rest-Easy, Arquillian & ShrinkWrap, OpenShift. It's been a long time since I felt that I actually have tools and technologies in my hands that actually work, are mature and I can rely on.

But...then here comes the reality. This is an old and long running whine of me, from the early start of my career. I always wanted to work and build solutions using 'things' that came out of the JBoss house, but 9 to 10 times, I got the reply, 'the client has a big contract with this shop and the other shop' so we have to go with 'their' tool. And most of the times their tool was 2-4 years behind in terms of maturity on spec implementation. And most of the times we had to re-invent the wheel or cannibalize actually the application because their tool was not delivering, making a worse mess that using right from the beginning something that is actually working.

The good news? These recent years, most of the technologies that I was dreaming of to have in my deployment path :), became a standard! No I don't have to use your 5 year old, left over JPA implementation, i need to make your server work with the standard. I don't have to use this outdated REST implementation of yours, I need to wire something that is working. No I don't have to use your specific plugin, in order to deploy something that is considered standard, I want to use Maven or Gradle and I will be expecting to work.

Unfortunately, I still have to work and develop with tools, picked by others , due to some contract . Unfortunately still my stack of choice ...will be 9 out of 10 times, out of the scope.
I guess the only time this will change is when I will be able to control what tools to be used, using my developer experience from the past, in my own company :)


  1. A possible answer to your woes

    1. He has a valid point, eventually this is actually the same thing I want, to be able to mix different implementations together. Some things can not be done for example, a javaEE 1.4 container, bundles all his related frameworks based on this version of the spec, eventually it can not accept any new implementations. I wonder what if the application server became a standard, the actually implementation. and then ensure that you container implement ion would be able to work with any mix of compatible technologies.