Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Visit to Renault Show center - (Pre LeWeb event)

Today I have been visiting Renault's show center at Champs Elysse, in the context of a pre-LeWeb event for media, press people and bloggers. Renault unveiled a new information platform that schedules to release soon enough along with its new car models. It is an information module as I would say, incliding GPS, music library, phone and vehicle monitoring information. The systems is named R-Link

We watched a small demo, it was not bad at all. I am wondering (did not ask to be honest) what kind of OS runs under the scenes. The graphics were not great but decent enough. I really like this new trend in many car companies - adding that kind of internet based / computer functionality. I am happy about the module related to vehicle parameters and statistics. You could have cool graphics about yout petrol consumption the life span of the engine and others.

I also had a look of the new mini electro car (vehicle) called Twizy. This is indeed a very weird looking thing - but seems promising enough. There are 2 models (one with power up to 40Km.h and the other one up to 80). I am not sure If I would buy such a thing now but Twizy is one of the few vehicles indicating what is going to happen in the upcoming years.

That is all for now. Photos are being uploaded (hotel wifi to blame).

ps) I am driving a peugeot :P , but recently started to admire french cars.

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