Saturday, December 17, 2011

Services, tools & practices for a software house - the presenetation

A couple of months ago I had written a series of articles regarding the must haves, of any modern software house. Simple things that are still missing from many organizations out there. Things that contribute to a better working and development software development cycle. Today I had the chance to talk about all of these in our monthly Java User Group Meeting here in Athens. I know this is not rocket science, but I wanted to share my enthousiasm end frustration with other software developers in the market. Why we still suffer from the same mistakes. Who is to blame? management or developers..or both? Is there any short list of important things? We all want to create, produce, sell and distribute good software but have we really adopted all these practises and tools that are going to make us - accomplish such a goal? I hope I managed to make the audience think and revise the working enviroment and development cycle they are currently operating on. Maybe they can challenge the existing status, think again, propose or change things from Monday and on. It is our duty as software engineers to seek excellence not only by writting smart and fast code, also by improving our craft which is software development as a practise overall.Hope you find it usefull. *ps) If you liked it, or want more I would be happy to attend any institution or group and present.Services, tools & practices for a software house

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You may also find it as a google doc presentation here or download it as pdf from here.


  1. Well done, and thanks for the credits!

  2. Good job!

    There's one more thing that could be added to the list. Some tool that helps managing the software licenses (either OS or commercial) for the software libraries used.