Friday, November 18, 2011

Weird times...

I am happy enough to join LeWeb in a couple of weeks. On the the other side - it's been  quite a strange period when it comes to job hunting. Despite the fact that I am taking my time off,  finishing my long awaited MBA thesis, I am  a bit stressed towards finding something that is going to re-fuel my passion and eager for development. I hope this journey wont take long. 

The official blogger's list for Le Web is published and I thought there was a mistake in one of the columns..but eventually it is right (None). Strange times...strange times...feels a bit uncomfortable after so many years of continuous work load and assignments. 

Who knows ....

ps) I want to thank again LeWeb and it's team for offering me a free pass - as an official blogger - this year I missed my beloved developer conference (Devoxx) due to job turbulence and I was close enough to dump the LeWeb offer. As I said weird times.

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