Monday, November 14, 2011

I really miss you Devoxx :(

From 2006 and on almost every year just about before Christmas I ride the plane and head to Antwrep

My trip is about joining the best and most active Java Developer's conference in Europe - Devoxx aka Javapolis (the old days). This is a weird year for me, many changes in my life and still some others ongoing. Trying to find a new job, switching jobs ...etc. As a developer I am sad because today I would like to enter Metropolis get my Devoxx badge and head to the talks - meet old friends from the java globe,  listen about new stuff, take notes and blog like hell back in the hotel.

I really miss you Devoxx - I hope I will be there next year. 

I wish all the best to my friend Stephan Janssen, the european java community and many european jugs ought him a lot. He is doing a great job.

Have a great time guys, I will be waiting for your posts and messages on twitter. (#Devoxx).

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