Monday, October 03, 2011

Being a Java Code Geek

Yesterday evening I was glad to accept an invitation by the creators and admins of the Java Code Geeks site - to participate in this initiative. It was really an honour to be invited on a site that you read every day and hosts useful and interesting material very often.

It's been almost 2 years that the Java Code Geeks initiative / blog started to roll and it's been really something fresh and new on the Java web content horizon. In the days where Java was loosing momentum in favour or other trending languages - sites like this re-new your excitement and devotion to your favourite language.

Articles and posts are often being hosted and linked on dzone and it seems that the site is gaining even more momentum. I am proud that this was something that started out of Greek Java Developers (Panagiotis Pateraki ,Ilias Tsagkli ,Byron Kiourtzoglou). 

I still insist that there is a lot of potential in my country for leveraging all this technical IT expertise and potential of high quality technical people, developers architects etc. IT development must be something that we should explore and leverage more as a country and nation especially in these 'strange' and 'obscure' times. 

If you are a Java developer, make sure to bookmark the Java Code Geeks site!! 

Last but not least our beloved user group the Java Hellenic User Group has been added on the Java Code Geeks initiatives. Lets get together..and happy java coding!

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