Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you, Replacement Laptop Keys (fix your broken laptop keys)

God bless Canada and this small firm called Replacement Laptop Keys - that I found by just googling around desperate to find a solution.

Ten days ago my 'X' key on my MacbookPro just went off it's plastic case. I was silly enough to mess with glues and stuff (yes I  know silly me). The only thing I managed was to break the plastic base and the rubber cup on the bottom. I felt like an idiot. I started to search for alternatives - even replace my macbook pro keyboard - something that resolved to a potential cost of 400 euros (OMG!).

After some googling, I found Replacement Laptop Keys. They were selling a replacement key, the exact plastic base needed and the rubber cup (this one I thought that I wouldn't find). They have a smart and simple wizard to make you choose the appropriate key and components depending on your laptop (they cover a lot of models). After a week (they ship international as well) a small envelope came with the key and the 2 small parts. I cleaned my broken 'X' slot, and installed the new one. Its like new! I am very happy.



So if by any chance you do have broken keys on your laptop - check them out - you will save lots of money and your keyboard will be up and running in a couple of minutes!


  1. We found another good company: We got a brand new set of keys for under $5. Check them out.

  2. Absolute crap so far. I ordered a couple of keys and didn t receive anything for a week, not even an order confirmation on my e-mail! (the office is one hour drive from where I lived at the time, and the money was drawn from my bank account!). I then spent a week trying to get in contact with the guy. After threatening to write a bad review I got a response. He claimed USPS had lost the envelope!

    He then tried to convince me to send one less key than I ordered, and charge me the same price!

    I am now trying to make him send me the keys I ordered from the beginning, but to another postal adress since I ve moved.

    Beware, I went to the postal address on the website but he has moved out of his office and am running things from some place else. It is impossible to get in contact with him if he doesn t approve of the reason you are contacting him....

    1. Hi Leo, I am definitely not related with the company so I am really sorry for your experience. I have ordered twice from them, and I received my keys - in Greece - no problem at all. My last order was 6 months ago.

      So what can I say :/

    2. Well. Maybe it's random. Maybe it depends on the mood of the guy. Who knows.

      Anyways, after posting several reviews and comments like the one here I finally managed to get all the keys delivered.

      If you get ANY trouble, my advice is to threaten with bad reviews!

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