Friday, May 13, 2011

that felt..weird but its ok..keep walking blogger!

I have to admit I felt quite weird when I discovered that my blog (among others) was affected by this maintenance failure of Blogger (details here). It has been quite refreshing at the same time, to realize after a long time that I really consider my blog very important for my internet existence. Its part of me, of what I believe and is one of my few constant and reliable windows to the 'open world' where I can shout or whisper my ideas or feelings. 

As an IT person I can clearly understand that fuck-ups always happen with systems and always will happen - so it's ok, I mean no big deal or no harm done.  It's free after all (yes I know google crawls the content and does data mining etc ) but this is the price you pay. I really respect that they had the courage to explain the problem with a blog post and their explanation seems quite normal.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with their uptime over the years so I can live with such an extreme scenario - after all the system is back. So blogger team keep walking, it's ok, we all have to face failures from times to times. I am sure you became wiser with such an event and all the experience gained trying to resolve the problem will prove very handy in the short future where you plan to apply updates and changes to the core engine of blogger and the related features.

I really love my blog..this is what I've reminded myself today.

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