Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Oracle EMEA Users Group Leaders’ meeting - yaay - I'm in.

Such a weird month, for me. Too many things happening at the same time - trying to cope with uncertainty, thinking again and again - rolling like a stone. 

There is something though, that really made my day. I've just accepted the invite (thanks Oracle) on attending a 2 day conference/meeting in Prague. The 2011 Oracle EMEA Users Group Leaders’ meeting is going to take place on 9th-11th of May and it will be an excellent opportunity to see 'old' friends from all over Europe,  talk about the status of the 'JUG' movement within the Oracle context - and eventually visit for the first time the beatifull city of Prague.

I just booked the flight tickets (using scyscanner) and got a very nice price for it (180euros) not bad.

I hope I wont have to deal with uncertainty on this small trip and in a month's time I will get to spend some time with some really influential community leaders and great developers. The event is also featuring a technical track with talks and workshops on 'cloud technology, the future of Java, etc'.

I really feel like a happy Java Geek now!

ps) no this is not an April's 1st joke!

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  1. I am thinking of going too Paris, I just need to see how many days of holidays I have left.