Tuesday, October 20, 2009

May I have a JBPM process designer as google wave gadget? Great SAP BPM demo!

Actually when I saw the video I was screaming at the office - I want one! I want one! One of the most difficult things is the process of designing and aligning the various related process designs among different parties. The business analyst, the process developer, the actual client. Look how nice google wave provides a quite nice collaboration boost. Usually various designs from various tools are being editing - offline, several emails are sent - information is sometimes lost (in the middle). It is a very painful process. I really really like the potential of google wave. Well done to SAP for this research activity- I wish I could demo Gravity as well. I am very excited now!!!!

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  1. To go a bit further just think about the info you can extract from the total of such gWave conferences.

    Collaborator Personality analysis, correlation with coding patterns, bug prediction etc etc!