Sunday, April 12, 2009

where do they use Java?

In the Java Champions list, a very single question keeps coming up...very often! 'Can you tell me any big Java deployments so that I can give examples?' Eventually all of us work for big companies and we do (mostly) large Java, J2EE deployments all over the world BUT it seems that neither Sun not us does a good work on letting the people know!

Java is everywhere, either full deployments exposing the full stack or partially , java runs silently on the server for years now and it will be doing that for the years to come (I am quite definite).

One of my favorite Java Books authors,Ian Darwin has created a page where he will be gathering (when there is no legal implication what so ever) famous large Java deployments statements, among users all over the world.

So next time someone asks, where is Java? A nice start will be there.

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