Friday, December 19, 2008

And I feel no pain

Δεν έχει κάτι να δεις..μόνο να ακούσεις!Άντε γεια τωρα! nightstalker!

I may be wrong
I may be right
But I feel so strong
I feel so wise
I could be lying dead
But I’m still alive
Myself is leaving me
But I don’t feel like cry

I know the message
That you can’t explain
Running like dog again
Every night and day
I saw the light
And I’ll find my way
I may be nothing
But we all just the same

But I can’t complain
And I feel no pain

I took the power
That you threw away
I’ve got you in my blood
You’re in my brain
Everything ends but
Everything starts again
I won’t come chasing
You find me one day

But I can’t complain
And I feel no pain

ps) 24/12 ;)

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