Friday, November 14, 2008

is Sun..heading towards an eclipse?

Well, it is not a new story, it is around for years. Decreasing stock price, lay-offs, lost market share. Sun seems (i am wondering) to be very close on being acquired (or parts) by a more wealthy partner.The funds now control the game! Is it going to be it's natural death? Sad..for sure, for a company that has offered so much to the IT world.

My concern is the Java ecosystem. I was always supporter of the idea that someone controls this expanding java world. There were problems for sure, there were conflicting interests among various big players but Java survived and until now and is still expanding.

I am really curious to see what will happen. Open sourcing Java was a wise move - maybe some bits left behind its time to set it free 100% and a new body of guardians to be formed. Java is a child of Sun, but it must survive, at all cost, I believe all the involved parties and the enterprise world would like to see this child growing. It is just getting mature..


  1. who exactly do you thing will acquire Sun? I didn't quite get your link to Logleaf

  2. Fujitsu is a nice candidate..a more extreme would be oracle even though I dont believe on that scary scenario.

  3. sun's release java to open source was the right move !

    Regarding fujitsu, I had an old Sparcstation IPX with the Sparc CPU made from them... :P

  4. Bad news for company like Sun :(
    May the source be with as