Sunday, May 25, 2008

I found a place in Paris that really sucks! Kong !!!

Ok we are ready to come back. We really had a nice time and I wish I had a few more days. Eventually before I go, I had to do something. Pay back time geek wise. We were really satisfied when it comes to food and service in Paris. We tried several places and in every one of them either it was a bistro or bar or proper restaurant we really had good value for money and nice service. We decided to spend our last day in a restaurant that some friends strongly suggested,it is called Kong. We did an early booking, and we arrived there on time. Eventually, the place when it comes to service it sucks, because most probably for tourists it was doing double bookings. So the laughing lady in the entrace told us to wait a couple of minutes until our table it was ready, and ..we waited...10, 20, 30 , 40, 50 table. We asked again, what is going on, she replied laughing in a couple of minutes you will be ok. Of course nothing happened. We decided to leave the place, I was impressed that when we left she was cool enough, did not ask why we cancel the table or anything at all!

That is so fucking lame service, aaa yes..the Bar was one of the worst I have tried all over the world. Come guys someone has to tell them that they have to hire som pro's in order to make proper drinks- this is fucking Paris France. Anyway..the place sucked...just to let you know!

Apart from that all the other places were excellent! I am sad that I have to get the plane back!

Ta leme sthn athina...

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  1. Έλα έλα να δεις τι σου χω! :P