Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you netbeans for saving my time!

The menu for today is create new BPM processes using Bea WLI and this sort of a tool called Workshop based on eclipse! Our day started with 100000 crashes - every time I was trying to open an existing jpd..BOOOO crash! I managed to overcome this problem by going to some eclipse settings and deleting all the settings and plugins - weird stuff! I was staring for a couple of minutes with great other words I was ready to get the monitor and through it out of the windows! I had to create these processes and integrate them to the rest of the system - the tool was not helping at all!

A Business Process can be consider something like a wiring mechanism for different calls on the underlying business code that resides in your project. I had lots of Java editing to do and simply by using BEA's Workshop switching Process Modelling View and Java View , was out of the question. This tool reminds me of my first Java IDE days late 90s using Borland JBuilder. Slow buggy....let me think again..I change my mind..JBuilder 5 was better!

So the of course Netbeans! Thank god we are using Ant based builds, I am using Netbeans to write code, edit files, do refactorings and when I will have to switch to Process modeling mode I will try to complete my work with Workshop!

It's really silly but in order to complete my task I am using two different machines! My Mac for writing code using Netbeans and actually do my work, and a Windowzzz PC with WLI and Workshop.

Talking about being productive?.....tell me about it!

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  1. I think that you're really getting dependant on mac...You should be able to work with other platforms without mentally breaking down!!!Having said that, imagine me having to develop code in VS 2008 and then in AS400 COBOL!!!!Fucking hate it!!!