Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Parleys Next Gen beta is out baby! Must see for every developer!

During Javapolis after Stephan's keynote I blogged about Parleys! I said at that point ' in a few weeks, the way developers are educated is going to change'! We are almost one step before the final release! Parleys is a site provided by the Belgian Java User Group, an idea of Stephan actually! A place to host talks + notes + comments + rating from mainstream developer conferences (Java or more in the future). The place where talks from Javapolis, Jazoon and other conference's are going to be hosted!

It is based on Flex, it is cool I have to admit, it is slick, the content is very very relevant - and yes no more reading boring tutorials! Do you want to see J.Bloch answering Java Puzzlers- here you go mate!

I think that every developer should get to his favourite site list.So go register your self and head to the Parleys v2 Beta page! Make sure you have your browser ready for flex and enjoy this new experience!

I am going to say this again! I am very proud this initiative is ...a european JUG baby, really. I will try next jhug's event talks to be on Parleys from now and on!(will do my best)

Ok sorry I have to go now..I am going to watch again a session which I was present as well - The closures Controversy! Isn't it so cool?

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