Saturday, October 06, 2007

JHUG pre event thank you dinner

Its actually part of JHUG's tradition, before any event to have some sort of thank you dinner to all the speakers(to those that are available at least)! We had an excellent time with Roman Strobl, Alexis M Pouchkine, Alef Arendsen..hope they liked typical greek food - called mezedes and greek wine! Its really nice talking to such important Java People, because..i will tell you a secret..most of the time you dont talk about Java - even though we could not help the end ended up talking about Spring and EJB and Glassfish.

We all proposed to our last round of wine!We all love Java!

ps) I was really happy seeing again my good old friend and co-founder of JHUG Panos.Its been 3-4 months now that he has moved to London and its really a pitt to lose a good friend from your local reality!

So see you all tomorrow morning! I am having great feelings regarding this event!

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