Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some very quick thoughts regarding Netbeans 6.0

I have just downloaded beta1. Yes we have a proper installer on the mac as well- YEY!!

Ok, I need time to review all the features and I want to see how is coping with the J2EE stuff (it was already my IDE of choice). From the very first tests I will say the following....

Eclipse you..can now ...fulfill your destiny..eclipse yourself!

The editor, my number one weak point of Netbeans, has changed! Quick responsive full of nice features that the previous releases were lucking, I am really very happy to see such an progress on this area!

More comments regarding using netbeans 6 beta on a future post!

I would like also to comment the following thing. I was very surprised by the fact that during some job interviews I was asked about my involvement in the Netbeans initiative, or my points regarding referring to it as my main tool of choice, in my CV! I can not understand why we (the developers) can not have the freedom of choice when it comes to writing code. It is not like we are using a proprietary Oracle technology or BEA WebLogic where you have to use JDeveloper or BEA Studio or whatever! Eclipse and Netbeans are both free products, ant based when it comes to building and packaging projects.

Despite the fact that I always use Netbeans I would never force a young developer in my team or a colleuge to use my tool of choice! If he is confident enough with another IDE and he can start working and building on a project that is usually ant based - then go for it!

I also believe that every decent and experienced developer can cope easily on any IDE, after some years of experience writing Java code, you only need days to switch.

I still can not get it why people keep you know Eclipse?Or Netbeans! Hell yeah I know them sounds weired..come on..its not like Application Servers.Do you know BEA or JBoss or IBM?

At the end of the day .sometimes I just go to command line and I write things like

>ant deploy


  1. We are still waiting incremental compilation!!!

    Are we overdemanding or not?

  2. I asked roman about it! He said that incremental compilation will most probably be on the next version 7? or 6.5..

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  4. (sry for the upper comment, my old identity :P)

    I sure hope they have fixed the @action notation for Swing Framework on that version. And having more documentation about the features (as is).

    I couldn't test it last night. I had a hard time uninstalling nokia frameworks (if you have jre 1.6 and jre 1.4), a usual rant of a win32 user (he he).

    So papo, do you know any of MVC gui frameworks (that can kill the dragon?)

  5. MVC Gui framework! Well all my hopes...reside on the Swing Framework.

    On the other hand a rich client platform solution like Netbeans Platform or the Eclipse RCP can be considered some sort of MVC framework - ok I little over about it..but..potentially they could be an answer to your question!

    what to do you think?

  6. Swing framework is where I put my money on. Since it cooperates fine with nb, but it seems to me that I have to check nb more. I am having troubles when using the model part.

    Anyway, I think RTFM is the solution here :)