Monday, October 16, 2006

Configure smcFanControl for your iMac!

This smcFanControl is really really cool! I guess the laptop users will be making heavy use of it! Though as an iMac owner, probably you will have noticed that your iMac has fans during start-up afterwards...its just a silent machine!

If you download the program and try to run it in your iMac, it will report that 'its an unsupported version'. No problemo... you can still have fun if you follow the tweak below, found on the following forum.

Right Click on the -> Show package contents-> Go to /Contents/Resources and open Machines.plist with your favourite text editor.

Paste the following block under the others.As you can notice the numbers can be a bit different I have selected the minimun fan speed to be something like 500 and the MaX 5000 you can play with these VALUES THOUGH REMEMBER its tottaly your RESPONSIBILITY.

REPLACE ( ) with <>

(key) Machine (/key)
(string) iMac4,1 (/string)
(key) Maxspeed (/key)
(integer) 5000 (/integer)
(key) Minspeed (/key)
(integer) 500 (/integer)
(key) NumFans (/key)
(string) 2 (/string)

I have played with the program and I can tell yes its working! For the very first time I changed the fan speed to something like 2500 and I could hear them. If you have issues regarding the noise (probably you will be nuts! with an iMac) then use it with caution. Its very nice though that we have this kind of functionality!

Hope it helps!

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